A night at Bellisio’s…

I’m continually impressed with Minnesota’s love of fine food, wine and cheese. Recently, Bryan and I went to Bellisio’s in Duluth for an evening of great food and service.

Our first course was the artisan cheese platter. Our hands-down favorite was the St. Andre followed by the Cabrales bleu cheese and the Pecorino Toscano, which was an excellent cheese to cleanse the palate.

I ordered the Rigatoni Balsamico, which smelled heavenly. The combination of the sausage, pasta and balsamic reduction was an interesting combination and was pleasant to eat. Although, I must admit that next visit I’ll probably order the beef tenderloin as my parents have been raving about it for months.

Bryan ordered the Ravioli Sicilian Marinara.

To end our delicious meal, we ordered the chocolate lava cake, which did not disappoint. And Bryan was able to order his grappa to finish the meal properly.

We had amazing service and hope all waitstaff at Bellisio’s is as good as our waitress. The only minor complaint I had was our seating—we were seated at a table for two with one person in a chair and another in a bench seat. We were right next to two women who were entertaining in their lack of knowledge of items on the menu. Although, we were lucky and seated immediately on a Saturday night without reservations due to a cancellation. I’m pretty sure we’ll make reservations next time. I hope that next time is sooner rather than later…

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