Celebrating blue cheese and VEISHEA at Iowa State

 Finest Blue CheeseBryan and I went to Iowa State two weeks ago for VEISHEA and took a photo by this sign. It is fitting that I’m a huge blue cheese fan since I walked by this photo almost every day on my way to class. Who would have guessed that the process to produce the world’s finest blue cheese would have been developed in Ames, Iowa?

Traditional VEISHEA fare includes cherry pies, and brats and ice cream made by student groups. The brats at ISU are incredible.

We ate lunch at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants – Cazador’s. My usual is cheese and onion enchiladas verde with rice and beans. I’m not a huge fan of Spanish rice as most people make it too tomato-ey, but Cazador’s rice is quite good. I’m glad the food was how I remembered it. The guacamole was also as good.   

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