Hawaiian Favorites – Ninniku-Ya

We’ve been neglect on our blog, but for good reason. We went to Hawaii for 10 days and I started a new job.

The trip to Hawaii was wonderful. Not only did we get to leave the “ish” of February, we were submersed in sunshine and palm trees for 10 days.

The highlight for me on the trip was dinner in Honolulu at Ninniku-Ya, The Garlic Restaurant. Off the beaten path, so much so that the cabbie we hailed to get back to our hotel wanted to know how we’d gotten out so far, it is a treat to your senses. With a unique layout, our table was surrounded by three walls and a roof and open to the outdoors. Colored paper lanterns provided nice light as did twinkle lights.

We started dinner off with a bottle of Riesling and three appetizers to split between the six of us – crab cakes,  steak strips marinated in soy sauce and bruschetta three ways. Each couple split one of the bruschetta toasts and the one we chose had bleu cheese topped with honey. Simply delicious.

Bryan ordered rack of lamb, which they finished table-side. It was served with cloves of garlic that had been oven-roasted to a buttery consistency and garlic mashed potatoes. I ordered a pasta dish with garlic, bacon, red pepper flakes and cabbage tossed with some olive oil. It was excellent. Unfortunately, Ninniku-Ya was out of the garlic desserts they offer. We were disappointed as we really wanted to try the garlic sorbet.

We will definitely be back to Ninniku-Ya and we highly recommend the restaurant.

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