Plank Grilling

Summer is finally here and the grill is open for business at HouseOFoodies. We’ve been experimenting with planks and have grilled a few tasty meals. It is important to soak the planks for the recommended time on the package. Otherwise, your planks will burn up instead of providing the hint of a smokey flavor. Bryan does keep a spray bottle of water nearby in case he needs to put out flames.

Our first meal was on a maple plank and consisted of a spice-rubbed, pistachio encrusted boneless pork loin chop. The spice combination of ginger and coriander didn’t thrill me, but Bryan seared the loin to seal in the juices and the meat was tender and juicy. My parents enjoyed the meal as did Bryan.

The second plank meal is my favorite, so far. We seared chicken thighs on the grill and basted them with a mixture of wasabi mustard from Target and Mesquite BBQ honey from Trader Joe’s. Bryan cooked the chicken thighs on a maple plank. The meat was juicy and flavorful. I chose to eat mine without the skin – my mother’s influence – but Bryan ate the crispy skin and the thighs were a beautiful golden brown.

For our third meal, we tried a cedar plank. We mirrored the recipe for the chicken thighs on a whole chicken breast, bone-in. The meat was very juicy and the leftovers have been frozen to reappear in a soup later this fall.

We’ll continue to experiment grilling on planks and share any recipes worth sharing.

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