Our Fondue Tradition Continues

A little over two years ago, we attended a fondue party at my grandparents’ home and rediscovered our love for fondue, and yes, my grandparents are great entertainers and excellent hosts. We both remember fonduing when we were younger, but there was something about the pace and process that appealed to us as adults. Fondue lends itself nicely to conversation, and once everything is prepped and ready, you can take your time with your meal.

We purchased two electric fondue pots and decided we would fondue on special occasions. Some of these special occasions include when we got engaged, the first time our parents met each other and New Year’s Eve last year – where there was a third fondue pot involved, sterno and our kitchen countertop/Bryan going up in flames…that was the end of the sterno fondue pot. Thankfully Bryan and our kitchen counter came out of the incident unscathed.

We typically have one pot for oil (peanut is our choice) to fondue bite-size pieces of steak and breaded blue-cheese stuffed olives (trust me, they are delicious). We also try different dipping sauces with our steak and some of our favorites include Frank’s Red Hot sauce, House of Tsang Szechuan Spicy stir fry sauce, horseradish, spicy mustard, etc. The other pot is reserved for a cheese fondue and we typically just dip bread in it, although we have forayed into dipping steamed potato bites and steamed broccoli in the cheese in addition to bread.

For Christmas Eve, we decided to try a different cheese fondue recipe. We have stuck to the traditional cheese recipes using Emmental, Gruyere, Jarlsberg or Fontina cheese, and they have been delicious. However, we do like to change things up a bit and I knew I had found a recipe to try when I was thumbing through the December issue of Food & Wine when we were in Atlanta and came across a recipe for Whiskey-Cheese Fondue. The combination of cheddar and whiskey is delicious – you can definitely taste the whiskey, so be warned if that flavor turns you off (we used Maker’s Mark in our recipe). This was especially delicious with sourdough bread bites.

Try a new recipe or dip something unexpected – you might find something new as we did last night when we breaded spicy-sweet pickle slices for the oil.

Happy holidays and happy fonduing.

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