Our visit to Craftsteak Las Vegas

Bryan joined me last weekend in Las Vegas and we chose Craftsteak as our final evening meal (located in the MGM Grand). If you have read our posts before, you know we are huge, repeat HUGE, Top Chef fans and we had been thinking about this meal for weeks. After eating one of the best meals of our life at Woodfire Grill in Atlanta over a month ago, we figured Craftsteak could top that.

Unfortunately, it didn’t. Perhaps we built it up too much in our minds, but the overall experience was just good. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were elements to our meal that were outstanding, but if you added each course together, it wasn’t blow-my-mind fantastic. I’ll let Bryan post his thoughts on his meal, but here are my thoughts:

Elements of my meal that were blow-my-mind fantastic: the wild arugula and shaved pecorino salad and the butterscotch mousse. The arugula salad was topped with a refreshing lemon vinaigrette and pine nuts and had a beautiful long shave of pecorino on top. Simple and phenomenal.

I went back and forth between the filet and the strip steak and chose the filet. I wish I had ordered the strip steak. My filet was not seasoned and the beef flavor was so-so. Bryan’s filet was better seasoned and the temperature was a bit more accurate to what he ordered than my filet’s temperature was to what I ordered. I ordered the roasted garlic and leek gratin to share and that was good…again, nothing that wowed me.

But, the other element that wowed me was dessert. The butterscotch mousse was incredible, fantastic, outstanding, etc. A delicious blend of salty sweet fluffy goodness. I could have eaten just the butterscotch mousse and been happy. It was served with praline cookies and my husband put the mousse on top of the cookie, but I chose to eat my mousse separate.

Overall, it was a good experience. The atmosphere was nice, the staff was attentive, the sommelier was knowledgeable and we had the opportunity to try a Tom Collichio restaurant. I just wish the food had been better.

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