Shopping in Amish Country

Bryan and I went shopping in Amish Country today in Shipshewana (Indiana). I’ve heard about Shipshewana from one of my co-workers and, considering her drive to get there is around two hours (one-way), I figured it was well worth a trip, and it was.

We took off mid-morning and went right to our planned stop at Yoders Meat and Cheese Company to look through their various dry goods, cheeses and meats. You can sample their cheeses, which varied from smoked mozzarella to buffalo wing cheddar, as well as salami, and beef and turkey jerky. We picked up a few things I’m excited about – some local honey, whole coffee beans and assorted licorice, but the real reason we drove 45 minutes was for their meat selection.

A row of doors greet you with signs letting you know if meat was grain-fed or grass-fed. In addition to a variety of ground beef and primal cuts of beef, you can choose from pork, veal, duck, lamb, turkey and chicken. We picked up a variety of meat, 20.75 pounds to be exact, of gorgeous organic beef, veal, pork and chicken. We’ll be sure to post about our various creations with this meat, and we can’t wait to get cooking.

In addition to stopping at Yoders Meat and Cheese Company, we ate at the Blue Gate Restaurant and Bakery.

I ordered the Chicken and Noodles (half order) -” homemade noodles and chunks of chicken generously ladled over creamy real mashed potatoes” with a side of green beans. I was transported back to my great-grandmother’s kitchen eating this delicious dish. It was just the right dish to order on a cold, winter day when I’m fighting off a cold. Bryan ordered the Amish Country Sampler, which consisted of fried chicken, roast beef, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and corn. The fried chicken was juicy and the ham was delicious, according to Bryan. To top lunch off, we had to finish with pie. I ordered the old fashioned cream, which tasted like the homemade pudding I grew up eating. Bryan ordered theĀ  Dutch Apple, which was also delicious and had a crumbly, cinnamon-y crunchy topping.

We shopped around the rest of Shipshewana and found a few treasures:

  • The Pampered Pet Boutique – picked up a few things for Brew, our black lab, including sweet potato chewies
  • Red Bud Gift Shop/Coffee Tea Cafe – bought some loose tea samples
  • E & S Sales – great place with bulk spices and other pantry necessities (flour, sugar, dried fruit, oil, etc.). Cash only, but they do have an ATM

All in all, we enjoyed our trip to Shipshewana and will definitely be making more return trips. Know of any hidden treasures within a few driving hours of southwest Michigan? Please share them in our comments section.

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