Cherry Tomato Pizza Margherita – Recipe Review

My parents were here last week, so we went to a few of our favorite local restaurants over the weekend. On Monday night, we decided to have homemade pizza. We made a hot sausage pizza with garlic and cheese as well as cherry tomato pizza margherita.

We started with the recipe from Bon Appetit, found here, which my mom had been talking about since she received the magazine’s latest issue.

How we changed the recipe:

  • We used our own dough recipe, found here.
  • We did not use the fennel seed.

Here’s how the pizza looked before we put it in the oven (the finished pizza is at the top of this post):

Thoughts on the recipe:

The cherry tomato pizza margherita was delicious. It was cheesy and bubbly when we pulled it out of the oven. The garlic and tomato mixture was full of flavor and the pizza had a great fresh taste. I’ll definitely make this pizza again, although I might add more red pepper flakes so the pizza has more of a kick. I did add some salt and pepper to the pizza after it was finished, so I’ll probably sprinkle some kosher salt and crack black pepper over the pizza before I put it in the oven.

Thank to my mom for finding this recipe and bringing her copy of Bon Appetit with her on their visit.

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