Foodie honeymoon – two weeks and counting

We were married last September and have been talking, almost nonstop, about our honeymoon. At least talking nonstop to each other.

We weighed our options – do we go to Hawaii again since we fell in love with the islands? Do we try an all-inclusive beach resort where we dig our toes in the sand? Do we venture to Europe? What won out in the end, you ask? The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

Three glorious days of fabulous food and beverages, seminars with amazing chefs and beautiful Aspen weather. Needless to say, we can hardly wait. We plan to blog about our trip, although we can’t guarantee we’ll be posting after each day. We do, however, promise we’ll keep detailed notes about the tastes and textures we experience.

We had such a great time at the Epicurean Classic last year in St. Joseph, Mich., we figure we’ll really enjoy the Food & Wine Classic. (The picture with this post is from the Epicurean Classic.)

In the meantime, we wanted to share the following video we created through YouTube and Google’s Search Stories. It is a fun and easy way to create a quick video you can share with others. Here’s our honeymoon story - HouseOFoodies Honeymoon.

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