Horseradish Vodka Recipe Review

There seems to be some controversy on whether or not drinking the morning after you’ve had a few the night before helps cure your hangover or hair of the dog. Personally, I’ve found a great Bloody Mary does the trick (along with some greasy food, of course). I will admit I was skeptical of trying to cure my hair of the dog by having another drink – afterall, that’s what had helped cause my state in the first place. However, after dragging myself and luggage out of a hotel room one morning in Chicago to be picked up by Bryan, I was ready to try anything to feel more like myself. We stopped off at a Buffalo Wild Wings and the first sip of a Bloody Mary was heaven. I’ve always been a fan of Bloody Marys and pink beer – how can one go wrong with spice and salt? So the added benefit (again, for me) that it helps bring me back to life is great.

Fast forward to a recent shopping trip where we picked up some horseradish root with the specific purpose of making this recipe for Homemade Horseradish Vodka. We’ve been talking about making this recipe for months and why not make some to drink on New Year’s Day?

We used what we’ll call mid-grade vodka for this recipe since we weren’t sure how it would turn out. A few things we did when making the vodka:

  • I wore latex gloves while shredding the horseradish root, just to be safe.
  • After the ingredients steeped overnight, we strained the mixture through cheesecloth and a funnel and then squeezed the horseradish pieces to capture any remaining flavor.

The resulting horseradish vodka is delicious – a bit sweet to start from the horseradish with a slight horseradish burn to finish. The vodka was enhanced once we added it to our favorite Bloody Mary mix – Zing Zang. A definite horseradish burn was added to the drink with this vodka.

This recipe is great and we’ll definitely continue making this for ourselves and our lucky friends and family.

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