Pass the ramen shrimp, please

If you are new to our blog or have not met me, you should know I’m not a big fan of eating seafood and/or fish. There are two main reasons – texture and taste. However, Bryan insists we try to have more variety in our diet, so we’re taking baby steps and experimenting with shrimp first.

I am a fan of shrimp – shrimp cocktail, breaded and fried shrimp, etc. – but I’ve been mostly a fan of shrimp when someone else has cooked it. We’ve been buying shrimp and using it on occasion, but we just started purchasing raw shrimp. We bought some from a local grocery store a few weeks back and used it on our raclette. It was good. However, we bought some beauties yesterday at Whole Foods that lucky Bryan had to peel and clean today. But it was all worth it.

We recently saw a Good Eats episode (hail, Alton Brown) where he makes Ramen Shrimp Pouches. Being a fan of ramen – how can I not be since I lived on it in college – we thought this looked and sounded delicious. The recipe is simple and we had all the ingredients in the house except for the shrimp. We tweaked the recipe slightly based on some of the feedback, for example, we nixed the kosher salt, and we halved the recipe for two. We also left the mushrooms out because we aren’t big fans. We cooked the ingredients in a metal loaf pan covered in tin foil with three small slits cut in the top to let steam escape for two additional minutes, for a total cooking time of 17 minutes.

The end result? The ramen shrimp soup was delicious – great heat in the broth and the shrimp was cooked perfectly. As Alton puts it “Good Eats.”

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