Perfectly Poached Eggs with PoachPods

If you’ve wanted to make poached eggs at home, but have been intimidated by thoughts of milky water, the poached eggs scene from Julia and Julia and having to try more than once, we found a solution for you.

I’ve been intrigued by PoachPods since I spotted them in a store a few months ago and luckily, Santa gave us two PoachPods this Christmas in our stocking.

We tried them out this morning and the eggs were delicious. The flavor of the poached egg was creamy¬† – I topped mine with some kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper and Bryan added a few dashes of Frank’s red hot sauce to his. A bonus to using the PoachPods – no gross milky water – plus, there wasn’t a need to try poaching a second round of eggs.

We ate the eggs with some toast and crispy bacon we baked in the oven per the package instructions.

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