What to make for the Big Game?

As part of our menu-making (yes it continues) we decided to test a recipe that would  be great for entertaining. Football, basketball, you name it, this recipe for stuffed Italian bread would be great to make when entertaining family and friends.

The initial recipe calls for this as an appetizer, but we actually made two meals out of it, so it can be flexible for your size of group and warms up nicely, say if you wanted to heat it back up in the 3rd Quarter.

Instead of using premade frozen dough, we made a basic white bread dough. The resulting dish was excellent although we’ll make some tweaks the next time we make it, such as adding in some jalapenos or pepperoncinis to bring in some heat. We also might add in a little more meat and cheese.

We had a red sauce on hand to dip the bread in, but we didn’t need to dip it into anything. The bread was nice and soft, the outside had a good crunch and the flavors of garlic and green onion mixed with the gooey cheese was excellent.

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