Product Review: Organic Valley French Vanilla Half & Half

I’m a coffee junkie. I love it – the smell of it, the taste of it. Mostly hot, but sometimes iced. It is a requirement for me to be a pleasant person in the morning (just ask the other half of HouseOFoodies).

I started drinking coffee in college and it needed to be sweet for me to drink it. Over the last 10 years, my taste for coffee has changed and I’ve moved from super sweet coffee to strong coffee with half & half in it. I do enjoy the occasional splurge (calorie wise) coffee from Caribou or Starbucks, but I mostly stick to my own “puts hair on your chest” coffee.

I’ve dabbled with flavored creamers and have enjoyed the flavor of them, but not the extras that go with them. Extras like hydrogenated oils, glucose syrup and high fructose corn syrup. Are they necessary to add some flavor in your coffee? Absolutely not.

This weekend we were grocery shopping and while perusing the organic section in our produce aisles, I noticed a flavored organic half & half from Organic Valley. It was a tough choice – French Vanilla or Hazelnut – I opted for French Vanilla but will be trying Hazelnut soon. I was able to wait until the next morning to make coffee to try the new half & half.

The verdict? The French Vanilla half & half is definitely sweet, but figuring it would be, I used about half the amount of half & half I normally use. On my second cup, I added a little less and put in some regular half & half and it was coffee bliss. I’ll keep using the French Vanilla as well as my regular half & half and I look forward to trying the Hazelnut variety as well.

If you like flavored coffee creamers and want to avoid artificial flavors and chemicals, give this a try.



Note on this review: I purchased this half & half on my own and am in no way affiliated with Organic Valley.

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