Review: Short’s Brewing Co. Bloody Beer

I’ve been a fan of bloody beers for years, but haven’t tried one pre-made for me. My favorite version of bloody beer I used to make involved Cave Creek Chili Beer and V8. (I discovered Chili Beer at World Market.) So when I saw Short’s Brew Bloody Beer at a local liquor store, I had to pick it up to try.

Living in Michigan, we’ve been fortunate to be exposed to a number of different breweries in the state – both well-known and wide-spread to local microbrews who *should* be well-known and wide-spread too. Short’s Brewing Company hails from Bellaire, Mich., and appears to make several annual, seasonal and special varieties.

Short’s Brewing Bloody Beer is a good beer on its own – you can taste the Roma tomatoes, but the beer doesn’t have an overwhelming tomato flavor, which I think is a good thing. Where I have found the Bloody Beer to shine is with a splash of dirty martini juice (or olive juice) and a few dashes of Frank’s Red Hot served in a glass.

Whether you’re a fan of bloody beer or need some hair of the dog, give Short’s a try, if you can find it.


*I was not compensated for this review. Opinions are my own.

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