Watermelon Spritzer

When I think of summers growing up, I think of watching lightning bugs in spacious backyards, running through sprinklers and eating juicy watermelon. Of course, I was certain every seed I accidentally swallowed would end with me growing a watermelon in my belly.

Now that I’m “old” I still love seeing lightning bugs and running through sprinklers appeals to me when we’ve had a streak of 90+ degrees outside (which we’re in the middle of now). I’m also wiser and know a watermelon seed won’t harm me and summer isn’t quite summer until I’ve had juice drip down my hands when eating watermelon.

I recently found an image on Pinterest of watermelon soaked in tequila and then dipped in salt and it looked delicious. I made an impromptu trip to the grocery store this week and grabbed a quartered watermelon, which joined the other quartered watermelon Bryan had already purchased. Since we had extra watermelon, I thought I would try what I found on Pinterest, but decided to change it up a bit and make a Watermelon Spritzer.

I chunked up the watermelon and placed it in a dish in a single layer and poured Patrón Silver over the watermelon until it was sitting in roughly 1/8 of an inch of tequila. I covered the watermelon and tequila and put it in the refrigerator for three hours and then moved it into the freezer for another two hours. 

After the watermelon and tequila had been in the freezer for two hours, I spooned half of the watermelon and tequila into our blender and blended it until smooth. I poured 2/3 of the mix into a glass and topped it with La Croix lime flavored sparking water, stirred with a straw and enjoyed our newest concoction – the Watermelon Spritzer.

It is refreshing and lightly sweet since it relies on the natural sugar from the watermelon.

Cheers and happy Fourth of July!


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