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  • 57 and counting: bento

    57 and counting: bento

    I recently had the pleasure of spending time with professional bloggers and we got to talking about the number of cookbooks we own (57 and counting). We have a wide variety of cookbooks and we’ve started quite a collection of vintage cookbooks we’ve found at used book stores, antique stores and from our relatives (more [...]

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  • VIDEO: Chef Tom Colicchio sings

    VIDEO: Chef Tom Colicchio sings

    He may be the hard-nosed head judge on Bravo’s “Top Chef,” but apparently Tom Colicchio can let loose, too, especially when the tequila is flowing. Last night we attended T-bones & Tequila, a fundraiser for the Mario Batali Foundation at a home in Aspen, Colo. The food was great, the swag (including a pair of [...]

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  • One-recipe review: ‘Cooking Know-How’

    One-recipe review: ‘Cooking Know-How’

    In honor of Jessie’s birthday, I wanted to cook a grand meal tonight. I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to try a meal (and, hence, do a traditional one-recipe review) from Cooking Know-How by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough. We were fortunate enough to meet the authors and attend a cooking demo of [...]

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  • One-recipe review: “Bones” by Jennifer McLagan

    One-recipe review: “Bones” by Jennifer McLagan

    We met Jennifer McLagan last fall at the Epicurean Classic, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to cook from one of her two books that we own (and both of which are autographed). Her first book, “Bones,” won the James Beard Award for single-subject food writing (although I would hardly say that it’s [...]

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