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  • Grills just wanna have fun

    Grills just wanna have fun

    Summer feels like it’s here, so we’ve been itching to spend more time on the back deck with our beloved grill. Sadly, the photo isn’t of our grill or our backyard — we shot it at a house party in Aspen hosted by Mario Batali — but it doesn’t matter what kind of grill you [...]

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  • Mint Ice Cream Recipe Review

    Mint Ice Cream Recipe Review

    We planted mint in our garden last year and quickly learned how delicious, and invasive, it can be. Fresh mint smells great and, let’s face it, who doesn’t like picking fresh mint from their garden for mojitos in the summer? We haven’t made ice cream in quite some time. In fact, it has been almost [...]

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  • VIDEO: Chef Tom Colicchio sings

    VIDEO: Chef Tom Colicchio sings

    He may be the hard-nosed head judge on Bravo’s “Top Chef,” but apparently Tom Colicchio can let loose, too, especially when the tequila is flowing. Last night we attended T-bones & Tequila, a fundraiser for the Mario Batali Foundation at a home in Aspen, Colo. The food was great, the swag (including a pair of [...]

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  • One-recipe review: ‘Cooking Know-How’

    One-recipe review: ‘Cooking Know-How’

    In honor of Jessie’s birthday, I wanted to cook a grand meal tonight. I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to try a meal (and, hence, do a traditional one-recipe review) from Cooking Know-How by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough. We were fortunate enough to meet the authors and attend a cooking demo of [...]

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  • Cherry Tomato Pizza Margherita – Recipe Review

    Cherry Tomato Pizza Margherita – Recipe Review

    My parents were here last week, so we went to a few of our favorite local restaurants over the weekend. On Monday night, we decided to have homemade pizza. We made a hot sausage pizza with garlic and cheese as well as cherry tomato pizza margherita. We started with the recipe from Bon Appetit, found [...]

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  • Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

    Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

    This weekend was rare at HouseOFoodies as we didn’t have anything we needed to do or anywhere we needed to go. We took the opportunity to go through some cookbooks and recipes online and created an extensive grocery list. Not only does this mean we have a few new recipes to share, it means we’ve [...]

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  • Bruschetta Heaven

    Bruschetta Heaven

    If you are reading this blog and haven’t watched Julie and Julia, shame on you. I grew up watching Julia Child on TV with my parents and my family absolutely loves the cookbook Julia and Jacques Pepin wrote. One of the scenes in Julie and Julia involves Julia Powell (played by Amy Adams) making bruschetta [...]

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  • Getting our fruit, any way we can

    Getting our fruit, any way we can

    In an effort to get more fruit into our diets, we surround ourselves with a variety of fruit, including fresh, frozen and freeze-dried. Recently, we purchased a frozen tropical fruit bag from Gordon Food Service and were shocked at how fresh the pineapple and mango tasted once thawed a little bit. The papaya was so-so. [...]

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  • Carob Cherry Brownie

    Carob Cherry Brownie

    I think it is obvious that Bryan and I enjoy good food, but we also like to share our love of good food with others. Our pets here at HouseOFoodies eat pretty well. They both eat grain-free food, since our lab has a food allergy and he likes to eat our cat’s food when we [...]

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  • Bacon is a vegetable

    Bacon is a vegetable

    It is no secret, Bryan and I have a healthy appreciation for bacon. We love to incorporate bacon into a variety of dishes and I found the perfect shirt for Bryan thanks to Hosea’s t-shirt from Top Chef Season 5: New York. I ordered the “Bacon is a vegetable” shirt here.

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  • Ikea kitchen planner tool

    Ikea kitchen planner tool

    We’re big Ikea fans. Yes, I know the stigma attached to Ikea products – that they’re cheap, slapped-together, fall apart easily – but that’s not always true. Anyway, we’re thinking about redoing the kitchen in the House O’ Foodies, and Ikea has a great tool that I’ve been playing around with (I’ll post the results [...]

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