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  • Flame-seared sous vide turkey legs with carrot-scallion sauce

    Flame-seared sous vide turkey legs with carrot-scallion sauce

    OK, so this isn’t exactly a dish you should try to bang out in an evening, although it also doesn’t involve slaving over a hot stove all day. That being said, there are a few moving parts. You could certainly bake the turkey legs if you don’t have sous vide equipment (check the instructions on [...]

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  • Chicken and rice with summer vegetables

    Chicken and rice with summer vegetables

    We’ve been getting amazing organic vegetables all summer long in our CSA box from Driftless Organics. Our latest new discovery has been Romanesco broccoli. It has so far proven to be amazing in everything, from simply roasted vegetables (where it lends a peppery, beefy flavor to the mix) to a quick sauté in this dish. [...]

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  • The Joy of Sous Vide

    The Joy of Sous Vide

    Recently we’ve been a little obsessed with the single-best $100 gadget we’ve ever purchased for our kitchen: the Dorkfood DSV. It’s a simple idea that I’m surprised no one had thought to market before: a temperature controller for sous vide cooking that uses an ordinary slow cooker (or roaster, in our case) as the primary [...]

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  • Rhubarb raspberry crisp

    Rhubarb raspberry crisp

    My grandparents make a homemade dessert, usually a pie, around three times a week. They are well in their 80s, love great food and drink, and usually go to the store on a daily basis to get their groceries. I start this post out mentioning them as I “blame” them completely for my sudden urge [...]

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  • Grilled bacon sandwich

    Grilled bacon sandwich

    What would happen if a BLT and a grilled cheese sandwich had an illegitimate love child? This sandwich, which I’ve affectionately dubbed the “bacon coitus sandwich.” Bear in mind, it’s not a quick sandwich to make, but it’s relatively simple and, thanks to an overflowing bounty of pork goodness, it’s packed with flavor (I recommend [...]

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  • Watermelon Spritzer

    Watermelon Spritzer

    When I think of summers growing up, I think of watching lightning bugs in spacious backyards, running through sprinklers and eating juicy watermelon. Of course, I was certain every seed I accidentally swallowed would end with me growing a watermelon in my belly. Now that I’m “old” I still love seeing lightning bugs and running [...]

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  • Plank-grilled chicken with honey, mustard, horseradish glaze

    Plank-grilled chicken with honey, mustard, horseradish glaze

    I recently ordered some new cedar grilling planks from Northwest Plank Company and wanted to test them out (quick tip: the grilling planks you can buy at home improvement and other retail stores are grossly over-priced: NW Plank sells 20 individual serving-size planks for $20; at the retail stores you’ll buy three for $8). Tonight’s [...]

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  • Buffalo chicken pizza

    Buffalo chicken pizza

    Let’s be honest – we all get busy with work and life, and sometimes things slip by us. Take our blog – we have been busy cooking, testing and creating new recipes, but we haven’t had time to actually sit down and put it out for the world to see. Shame on us. After a [...]

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  • Spicy stuffed poblano peppers

    Spicy stuffed poblano peppers

    Stuffed peppers is one of our favorite meals and with the lake effect snow we had today, stuffed peppers with a kick hit the spot. I paired the stuffed poblano peppers with orzo cooked in chicken stock and corn. We had two large poblano peppers and two small poblano peppers, so the recipe below does [...]

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  • Smothered hashbrowns, Mexican style

    Smothered hashbrowns, Mexican style

    We’ve fast become breakfast people, at least on the weekends. We’ve experimented with several breakfast items and we definitely have our favorites of poached, fried, baked and scrambled eggs, fried, baked or microwaved bacon, french toast, homemade bagels, etc. But we’ve fallen into a bit of a rut so I decided to change things up [...]

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  • Jucy Lucy: A Minnesota delicacy

    Jucy Lucy: A Minnesota delicacy

    As a native of the Twin Cities, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the first time I ate a Jucy Lucy (yes, it’s spelled that way) from Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis was a month ago. If you’ve watched “Man V. Food” or some other food-travel shows that’ve been to Minneapolis, you’ve probably seen it: [...]

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  • Spicy lemongrass potstickers

    Spicy lemongrass potstickers

    Potstickers are really easy to make at home and the end result is far superior to anything that comes frozen from the grocery store (although we’re using pre-made potsticker wrappers, you can also make the wrappers from scratch and we have in the past. Google the recipe for the wrappers, it’s just flour and water). [...]

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  • Lime Mexican Croutons

    Lime Mexican Croutons

    Wondering what to do with leftover bread? We had some leftover chunked sourdough bread from our traditional New Year’s Eve fondue so I made Mexican croutons to go as a soup topper with chicken “tortilla” soup for New Year’s Day. My secret ingredient to match the flavors in our soup? I added lime zest to [...]

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  • Pork and apples in a cherry stout sauce

    Pork and apples in a cherry stout sauce

    November was a whirlwind month, with lots of work and travel. So with a few more minutes than usual tonight to make dinner, I had time to experiment. When I went grocery shopping on Tuesday morning (the best time to shop, if you ask me, because you have the store to yourself and can spend [...]

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  • Hearty root vegetable soup

    Hearty root vegetable soup

    After several days of eating rich food and with cold weather here to stay, we wanted to have something healthy to eat so a hot bowl of hearty root vegetable soup sounded delicious. I’m slowly turning Bryan into a soup man and with great flavor, heat and texture, this soup was a winner in our [...]

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