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  • An Afternoon in St. Helena

    An Afternoon in St. Helena

    On our trip to Napa and Sonoma, we stopped by St. Helena to check out a few places downtown, including WoodHouse Chocolate. The chocolates at WoodHouse Chocolate are outstanding and we had tried a piece of chocolate with wine at Rombauer Vineyards, rivaling chocolates from Europe. In the words of Bryan, the truffles we had [...]

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  • Morimoto Napa Review

    Morimoto Napa Review

    As Bryan’s last post touches on, we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Napa Valley in mid-October. Trying to decide what vineyards we should go to on our first visit proved to be a difficult decision, although we did pick quite a few great places along the way. But figuring out where [...]

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  • Best bets in Napa and Sonoma

    Best bets in Napa and Sonoma

    As usual, I apologize for our severe lack of posting recently. I’ve been busy launching a new product, and Jessie has been tied up with loads of top-secret PR work. We did, however, find time to sneak out to Napa and Sonoma, Calif., a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a brief summary: Four giant thumbs [...]

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  • Shopping in Amish Country

    Shopping in Amish Country

    Bryan and I went shopping in Amish Country today in Shipshewana (Indiana). I’ve heard about Shipshewana from one of my co-workers and, considering her drive to get there is around two hours (one-way), I figured it was well worth a trip, and it was. We took off mid-morning and went right to our planned stop [...]

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  • Our visit to Craftsteak Las Vegas

    Our visit to Craftsteak Las Vegas

    Bryan joined me last weekend in Las Vegas and we chose Craftsteak as our final evening meal (located in the MGM Grand). If you have read our posts before, you know we are huge, repeat HUGE, Top Chef fans and we had been thinking about this meal for weeks. After eating one of the best [...]

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  • My take on our Top Chef tour

    My take on our Top Chef tour

    As Bryan mentioned in his post, Our tour of chefs who should have won Top Chef begins, we traveled to Atlanta last weekend to specifically visit Woodfire Grill, Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant (Top Chef finalist, season 6). As luck would have it, we were bumped up to an earlier Delta flight and landed in time to [...]

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  • Our tour of chefs who should have won Top Chef begins

    Our tour of chefs who should have won Top Chef begins

    First of all, I apologize deeply for the fact that I haven’t used this blog in, well, forever. We started it for fun when we still lived in southern Minnesota and since then I’ve been promoted and transferred, and my life has become immensely more hectic. Being foodies with no kids and a lot of [...]

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  • Hawaiian Favorites – Ninniku-Ya

    Hawaiian Favorites – Ninniku-Ya

    We’ve been neglect on our blog, but for good reason. We went to Hawaii for 10 days and I started a new job. The trip to Hawaii was wonderful. Not only did we get to leave the “ish” of February, we were submersed in sunshine and palm trees for 10 days. The highlight for me on [...]

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  • Trio’s makes a perfect harmony in your mouth

    Trio’s makes a perfect harmony in your mouth

    One of my favorite restaurants, Trio’s, makes one of the most satisfying and flavorful meals I’ve had. If you are ever traveling to South Bend, Indiana, and are looking for a place to eat, you must try Trio’s. The 8 oz. fillet mignon with Boursin mashed potatoes and sauteed broccolini are delicious and you must order [...]

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  • Celebrating blue cheese and VEISHEA at Iowa State

    Celebrating blue cheese and VEISHEA at Iowa State

     Bryan and I went to Iowa State two weeks ago for VEISHEA and took a photo by this sign. It is fitting that I’m a huge blue cheese fan since I walked by this photo almost every day on my way to class. Who would have guessed that the process to produce the world’s finest blue [...]

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  • Dinner at Gioco

    Dinner at Gioco

    We went to Gioco a month ago when we were in Chicago and were very impressed with the food and atmosphere. We started off with caprese and the buffalo mozzarella had a wonderful rich flavor. The greens were crisp and the tomatoes made us think it was August instead of February. We had such a great [...]

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  • A night at Bellisio’s…

    A night at Bellisio’s…

    I’m continually impressed with Minnesota’s love of fine food, wine and cheese. Recently, Bryan and I went to Bellisio’s in Duluth for an evening of great food and service. Our first course was the artisan cheese platter. Our hands-down favorite was the St. Andre followed by the Cabrales bleu cheese and the Pecorino Toscano, which [...]

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