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  • Stuffed peppers that go to 11

    Stuffed peppers that go to 11

    One of our local grocery stores had some gorgeous, huge Anaheim peppers fresh yesterday, so Jessie and I decided to throw together a quick and spicy take on chiles rellenos. The end result was just about right for our tastes, especially with a squeeze of lime juice, tablespoon of sour cream and a few dollops [...]

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  • Real ‘popcorn’ chicken

    Real ‘popcorn’ chicken

    Tired of using breadcrumbs for the breading on your fried chicken? Try popcorn. Jessie made a tasty rice dish last night and asked for chicken to go along with it. Since I didn’t feel like doing the same old, same old, I tried an experiment with some freshly popped large-kernel popcorn we picked up in [...]

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  • Fear not the chorizo

    Fear not the chorizo

    I don’t know why Mexican chorizo isn’t a staple in the typical American household. After all, it’s a versatile protein that can add wonderful heat to any dish. Want to make great tacos without buying expensive (and generally tasteless) taco seasoning? Just saute up some Mexican chorizo. Want to replace ground beef in (some) recipes [...]

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  • One-recipe review: ‘Cooking Know-How’

    One-recipe review: ‘Cooking Know-How’

    In honor of Jessie’s birthday, I wanted to cook a grand meal tonight. I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to try a meal (and, hence, do a traditional one-recipe review) from Cooking Know-How by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough. We were fortunate enough to meet the authors and attend a cooking demo of [...]

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  • Foil-baked potatoes on the grill

    Foil-baked potatoes on the grill

    It was fairly nice out this afternoon, so I decided to grill out on the back deck. I won't go into details about everything you see on the plate above (the buttermilk biscuits were left over from breakfast, and I warmed them up on the top shelf of the grill - delicious), but I was really pleased with the steak and potatoes.

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  • Easy steak in brown ale sauce

    Easy steak in brown ale sauce

    I’ve been extremely busy with work lately, and haven’t had as much time to experiment in the kitchen as I’d like. I’ve mostly just been sticking to my tried and true favorites. But tonight I decided to try something new again. We had some beautiful grass-fed flat-iron steaks from Amish country, and I thawed them [...]

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  • Pork with Riesling and shallots

    Pork with Riesling and shallots

    I’ve cooked a lot of pork in my day, and this might be my all-time favorite creation. This was an ad-libbed meal using what we had sitting around in the freezer and the fridge, and I can’t wait to try the sauce on other proteins (especially chicken). If you’ve ever made Bifteck Bercy (see “Mastering [...]

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  • Sweet corn with pea shoots

    Sweet corn with pea shoots

    For the last week I’ve been delicately tending to my pea shoots as they sprouted from seeds on the kitchen windowsill. I just recently tried “sprouting” for the first time, and wanted to find an interesting way to try the first of many sprouts to come. Right now we have snow peas, broccoli, mustard and [...]

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  • Spicy, cheesy burger on a pretzel bun

    Spicy, cheesy burger on a pretzel bun

    It was 37 degrees here today, so I started thinking about summer. And of course thinking about summer leads to thinking about burgers. This recipe calls for a few "specialty" items, but you should be able to find pretzel rolls at your local grocery store, and you can order the special pickles I use online, or find another generic brand of spicy pickle if you can.

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  • WTF do you do with a Cornish game hen?

    WTF do you do with a Cornish game hen?

    Every time I walk down the frozen meats aisle in the grocery store I see this cute little vacuum-sealed Cornish game hens. They seem like they should be so simple to cook and prepare — after all, they’re so cute and tiny, and certainly a pre-plucked, pre-cleaned bird sealed in plastic should be as easy [...]

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  • Plank Grilling

    Plank Grilling

    Summer is finally here and the grill is open for business at HouseOFoodies. We’ve been experimenting with planks and have grilled a few tasty meals. It is important to soak the planks for the recommended time on the package. Otherwise, your planks will burn up instead of providing the hint of a smokey flavor. Bryan [...]

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  • Duck fat

    Duck fat

    Yes, to many Americans, cooking in duck fat somehow sounds…wrong. But in reality, it’s a traditional cooking medium in many parts of the globe. When I moved back to the U.S. from Belgium, I found sautéed veggies in restaurants somehow tasted less exquisite. The reason, I’ve now learned, is that they’re either sautéed in olive [...]

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  • Dinner for four

    Dinner for four

    We had some friends over for dinner last night, and everything was a smash success. Jessie started by serving a delicious blue cheese and bacon dip with crackers and toasted pieces of baguette. For the main course, we served one of the best recipes we’ve found on Epicurious so far, sauteed chicken breast with pear, bell pepper and cilantro [...]

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