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  • Hearty root vegetable soup

    Hearty root vegetable soup

    After several days of eating rich food and with cold weather here to stay, we wanted to have something healthy to eat so a hot bowl of hearty root vegetable soup sounded delicious. I’m slowly turning Bryan into a soup man and with great flavor, heat and texture, this soup was a winner in our [...]

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  • A night with Johnnie Walker

    A night with Johnnie Walker

    As part of my job and this blog, I subscribe to a number of emails focused on events, trends and deals. One of these email groups is Thrillist and since Chicago is the closest city to us, I receive the Chicago-focused emails as well as their national emails. A few weeks ago I  was skimming [...]

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  • Fall recipe- stuffed acorn squash

    Fall recipe- stuffed acorn squash

    My mother has long lamented the fact that when I was a child, I would eat anything she put in front of me. Fast forward to my teens and 20s and I was a fairly picky eater. We decided around this time last year that we should work on making foods we weren’t fond of [...]

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  • Stuffed Pizza Tomatoes

    Stuffed Pizza Tomatoes

    As we’ve written in the past, Bryan and I like to cook together – we’ve been each other’s sous chefs and we have split meal duties. The other night, we were able to be in the kitchen together after what seems like a long few months of work, events, travel and losses in our family. [...]

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  • 57 and counting: bento

    57 and counting: bento

    I recently had the pleasure of spending time with professional bloggers and we got to talking about the number of cookbooks we own (57 and counting). We have a wide variety of cookbooks and we’ve started quite a collection of vintage cookbooks we’ve found at used book stores, antique stores and from our relatives (more [...]

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  • Shells with fried zucchini

    Shells with fried zucchini

    As I mentioned before, we’ve had a run on zucchinis in our garden. Fortunately, we’re both big fans. We’ve both been working hard lately, so my normally attentive grocery shopping has been non-existent this week, leaving us with a limited selection of ingredients. Thankfully we had just harvested some zucchini, we always have pasta in [...]

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  • Summer squash and zucchini gratin

    Summer squash and zucchini gratin

    Our squash and zucchini are officially dominating the garden this season, meaning I’m having to come up with new ways to use both. Tonight I followed a simple traditional gratin method with great success. It’s hard to measure out the exact amounts you’ll need for this recipe, but I used two one-pound (or so) summer [...]

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  • Grilled pizza perfection

    Grilled pizza perfection

    We’ve been on an ongoing quest to determine what method (apart from a wood-fired oven at 800 degrees, which we don’t have) will produce the best thin-crust pizza. We want cracker-crispy crust, perfectly heated and melted toppings, and the rustic, smoky flavor we get from the best pizzerias. Pizza is meant to be baked in [...]

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  • Product Review: Organic Valley French Vanilla Half & Half

    Product Review: Organic Valley French Vanilla Half & Half

    I’m a coffee junkie. I love it – the smell of it, the taste of it. Mostly hot, but sometimes iced. It is a requirement for me to be a pleasant person in the morning (just ask the other half of HouseOFoodies). I started drinking coffee in college and it needed to be sweet for [...]

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  • Sauteed asparagus with poached egg

    Sauteed asparagus with poached egg

    I was home sick from work today and Jessie was busy with work, but we still needed to eat. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), we cook from scratch every night, so we don’t have a cache of frozen pizzas for such an occasion. Of course, with a little bit of thought, even a simple vegetable dish [...]

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  • Grills just wanna have fun

    Grills just wanna have fun

    Summer feels like it’s here, so we’ve been itching to spend more time on the back deck with our beloved grill. Sadly, the photo isn’t of our grill or our backyard — we shot it at a house party in Aspen hosted by Mario Batali — but it doesn’t matter what kind of grill you [...]

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  • Veggies on the Grill and Radishes Two Ways

    Veggies on the Grill and Radishes Two Ways

    After what seems like the longest winter in history, we’ve been able to enjoy our grill back-to-back weekends. Last weekend, we tested some recipes for Third Coast Living and last night we broke out our grilling planks and made our entire meal on the grill. Bryan made juicy and delicious bone-in chicken breasts on a [...]

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  • Arizona wines pass the test

    Arizona wines pass the test

    Until Thursday, I had never had a sip of Arizona wine. I waited far too long. If you’ve seen the movie “Blood Into Wine,” you’re aware that there is a growing movement to establish Arizona as the next great American wine region. We’re in Phoenix for a few days, and decided to spend a day [...]

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  • Product Review: AeroGarden

    Product Review: AeroGarden

    Bryan planted basil, dill and thyme a few days before Christmas and we started picking basil within a month.

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  • Steak sous vide with corn-jalapeno hash

    Steak sous vide with corn-jalapeno hash

    On night two of our great sous vide experiment, I decided to try using sous vide in a way that just about every contestant on Top Chef seemingly has used: steak sous vide. The benefit of sous vide cooking is since the meat comes up to temperature gradually, it maintains the same doneness throughout the [...]

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