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  • Grilled bacon sandwich

    Grilled bacon sandwich

    What would happen if a BLT and a grilled cheese sandwich had an illegitimate love child? This sandwich, which I’ve affectionately dubbed the “bacon coitus sandwich.” Bear in mind, it’s not a quick sandwich to make, but it’s relatively simple and, thanks to an overflowing bounty of pork goodness, it’s packed with flavor (I recommend [...]

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  • Spicy stuffed poblano peppers

    Spicy stuffed poblano peppers

    Stuffed peppers is one of our favorite meals and with the lake effect snow we had today, stuffed peppers with a kick hit the spot. I paired the stuffed poblano peppers with orzo cooked in chicken stock and corn. We had two large poblano peppers and two small poblano peppers, so the recipe below does [...]

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  • Smothered hashbrowns, Mexican style

    Smothered hashbrowns, Mexican style

    We’ve fast become breakfast people, at least on the weekends. We’ve experimented with several breakfast items and we definitely have our favorites of poached, fried, baked and scrambled eggs, fried, baked or microwaved bacon, french toast, homemade bagels, etc. But we’ve fallen into a bit of a rut so I decided to change things up [...]

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  • Jucy Lucy: A Minnesota delicacy

    Jucy Lucy: A Minnesota delicacy

    As a native of the Twin Cities, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the first time I ate a Jucy Lucy (yes, it’s spelled that way) from Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis was a month ago. If you’ve watched “Man V. Food” or some other food-travel shows that’ve been to Minneapolis, you’ve probably seen it: [...]

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  • Shells with fried zucchini

    Shells with fried zucchini

    As I mentioned before, we’ve had a run on zucchinis in our garden. Fortunately, we’re both big fans. We’ve both been working hard lately, so my normally attentive grocery shopping has been non-existent this week, leaving us with a limited selection of ingredients. Thankfully we had just harvested some zucchini, we always have pasta in [...]

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  • What to make for the Big Game?

    What to make for the Big Game?

    Football, basketball, you name it, this recipe for stuffed Italian bread would be great to make when entertaining family and friends.

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  • Take that, Double Down.

    Take that, Double Down.

    I didn’t intend to cook a take on the KFC Double Down sandwich the other night, but about midway through I realized I was. One of the things I love most about cooking is that you can improvise as you go, as long as you know the basic techniques. This recipe is far from technique-intensive, [...]

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  • Fear not the chorizo

    Fear not the chorizo

    I don’t know why Mexican chorizo isn’t a staple in the typical American household. After all, it’s a versatile protein that can add wonderful heat to any dish. Want to make great tacos without buying expensive (and generally tasteless) taco seasoning? Just saute up some Mexican chorizo. Want to replace ground beef in (some) recipes [...]

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  • Quick and Easy Sopa Noodles

    Quick and Easy Sopa Noodles

    Mexican food is one of my favorite kinds of food to eat and cook. How could I not like it when it typically combines spices, cheese, onions and various herbs? One of my standby dishes is sopa, which is a tasty and easy-to-make noodle dish. You’ll have to forgive the fact that I don’t have [...]

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  • Shopping in Amish Country

    Shopping in Amish Country

    Bryan and I went shopping in Amish Country today in Shipshewana (Indiana). I’ve heard about Shipshewana from one of my co-workers and, considering her drive to get there is around two hours (one-way), I figured it was well worth a trip, and it was. We took off mid-morning and went right to our planned stop [...]

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  • A Variation of Chicken Saltimbocca and Jessie’s Vegetable Hash

    A Variation of Chicken Saltimbocca and Jessie’s Vegetable Hash

    We recently celebrated a milestone at the HouseOFoodies – Bryan turned 30. For this big birthday, he requested a quiet meal at home and I obliged. To start, I picked up a bottle of real champagne – Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Brut. It was delicious and made the other sparkling wines we’ve been sipping pale in [...]

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  • Spicy, cheesy burger on a pretzel bun

    Spicy, cheesy burger on a pretzel bun

    It was 37 degrees here today, so I started thinking about summer. And of course thinking about summer leads to thinking about burgers. This recipe calls for a few "specialty" items, but you should be able to find pretzel rolls at your local grocery store, and you can order the special pickles I use online, or find another generic brand of spicy pickle if you can.

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  • Jalapeno Cornbread Recipe, Simple and Delicious

    Jalapeno Cornbread Recipe, Simple and Delicious

    One of our readers asked that I post my recipe for jalapeno cornbread, so this is just for you, Jessica. 2 boxes Jiffy corn mix 1/2 C. corn (I use canned corn with peppers, drained) 3/4 C. shredded pepper jack cheese 1/4 C. diced canned jalapenos Make corn mix per instructions on box. Stir in [...]

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  • Saturday Night Improv: Chorizo-stuffed chicken breast

    Saturday Night Improv: Chorizo-stuffed chicken breast

    I spent the afternoon in the kitchen making homemade butter and pickling kumquats, so when it came time for dinner, I wanted to improv something quick and tasty. The result was good enough that Jessie said I should blog it. That doesn’t happen very often with my improvisations. Here’s a hard and fast rule: If [...]

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  • Quick chicken tacos with salsa verde

    Quick chicken tacos with salsa verde

    Back from a great trip out to visit family in Montana (will post at least something from that trip soon), and decided to make something quick tonight. Jessie was thawing out a chicken breast when I got home, so I was pretty much stuck with using that protein (OK, not “stuck,” I actually like cooking [...]

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