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  • Our Fondue Tradition Continues

    Our Fondue Tradition Continues

    A little over two years ago, we attended a fondue party at my grandparents’ home and rediscovered our love for fondue, and yes, my grandparents are great entertainers and excellent hosts. We both remember fonduing when we were younger, but there was something about the pace and process that appealed to us as adults. Fondue [...]

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  • Mac ‘n cheese with bacon

    Mac ‘n cheese with bacon

    Homemade macaroni and cheese is an easy, delicious dish. I made a great combination last night and thought I would share the recipe I created. Ingredients needed for four servings: Pasta (half box) 2 T. unsalted butter 2 T. all-purpose flour 1 C. milk 10-12 ounces shredded cheddar cheese Chives Bacon Parmesan cheese Bread crumbs [...]

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  • A night at Bellisio’s…

    A night at Bellisio’s…

    I’m continually impressed with Minnesota’s love of fine food, wine and cheese. Recently, Bryan and I went to Bellisio’s in Duluth for an evening of great food and service. Our first course was the artisan cheese platter. Our hands-down favorite was the St. Andre followed by the Cabrales bleu cheese and the Pecorino Toscano, which [...]

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