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  • Smothered hashbrowns, Mexican style

    Smothered hashbrowns, Mexican style

    We’ve fast become breakfast people, at least on the weekends. We’ve experimented with several breakfast items and we definitely have our favorites of poached, fried, baked and scrambled eggs, fried, baked or microwaved bacon, french toast, homemade bagels, etc. But we’ve fallen into a bit of a rut so I decided to change things up [...]

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  • Fried sous vide egg yolk salad

    Fried sous vide egg yolk salad

    Thanks to one of Jessie’s coworkers, we have a SousVide Supreme to play with for a couple of weeks. Neither of us has ever tried sous vide cooking before, and it’s a little scary. Fun, sure, but since we both have day jobs, we’re putting our dinner in jeopardy — after all, we can’t have [...]

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  • Perfectly Poached Eggs with PoachPods

    Perfectly Poached Eggs with PoachPods

    If you’ve wanted to make poached eggs at home, but have been intimidated by thoughts of milky water, the poached eggs scene from Julia and Julia and having to try more than once, we found a solution for you. I’ve been intrigued by PoachPods since I spotted them in a store a few months ago [...]

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