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  • Bruschetta Heaven

    Bruschetta Heaven

    If you are reading this blog and haven’t watched Julie and Julia, shame on you. I grew up watching Julia Child on TV with my parents and my family absolutely loves the cookbook Julia and Jacques Pepin wrote. One of the scenes in Julie and Julia involves Julia Powell (played by Amy Adams) making bruschetta [...]

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  • Saturday Night Improv: Chorizo-stuffed chicken breast

    Saturday Night Improv: Chorizo-stuffed chicken breast

    I spent the afternoon in the kitchen making homemade butter and pickling kumquats, so when it came time for dinner, I wanted to improv something quick and tasty. The result was good enough that Jessie said I should blog it. That doesn’t happen very often with my improvisations. Here’s a hard and fast rule: If [...]

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  • Beef short-ribs with veg in red wine

    Beef short-ribs with veg in red wine

    Jessie gave me a beautiful big Le Creuset enamel pot for Christmas, so we decided to try it out on Christmas Day by making some beef short-ribs (since it was just the two of us). I used this recipe from Epicurious as a guideline, but kind of went my own way based on what we [...]

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  • Split-pea soup, old-people style

    Split-pea soup, old-people style

    Jessie made some pretty tasty split-pea soup the other night when I was sick, so now that she has the same cold I had, I decided to try making split-pea soup for her. I’m not a soup person at all. I generally don’t get filled up by overly brothy minestrones and the like, and I’m [...]

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  • Homemade pizza

    Homemade pizza

    Good pizza starts with the dough and I’ve been using a great pizza dough recipe that is ready in 30 minutes: Pizza Dough Recipe 1 ½ C. warm water (120-130 degrees Fahrenheit) 1 package dry Fast Rise yeast 1 T. honey 1 t. salt 3 T. olive oil 4 C. unbleached all purpose flour Combine [...]

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