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  • Stuffed Pizza Tomatoes

    Stuffed Pizza Tomatoes

    As we’ve written in the past, Bryan and I like to cook together – we’ve been each other’s sous chefs and we have split meal duties. The other night, we were able to be in the kitchen together after what seems like a long few months of work, events, travel and losses in our family. [...]

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  • Tater Tot Hot Dish

    Tater Tot Hot Dish

    Comfort food is an important part of our lives. Yes, we can make some elaborate dishes, but sometimes comfort food is all that we want. After a few nights of missing dinner at home for work, I was able to cook later in the week and I had one dish in mind. Over our various [...]

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  • Quick chicken tacos with salsa verde

    Quick chicken tacos with salsa verde

    Back from a great trip out to visit family in Montana (will post at least something from that trip soon), and decided to make something quick tonight. Jessie was thawing out a chicken breast when I got home, so I was pretty much stuck with using that protein (OK, not “stuck,” I actually like cooking [...]

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  • Beef short-ribs with veg in red wine

    Beef short-ribs with veg in red wine

    Jessie gave me a beautiful big Le Creuset enamel pot for Christmas, so we decided to try it out on Christmas Day by making some beef short-ribs (since it was just the two of us). I used this recipe from Epicurious as a guideline, but kind of went my own way based on what we [...]

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