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  • The Joy of Sous Vide

    The Joy of Sous Vide

    Recently we’ve been a little obsessed with the single-best $100 gadget we’ve ever purchased for our kitchen: the Dorkfood DSV. It’s a simple idea that I’m surprised no one had thought to market before: a temperature controller for sous vide cooking that uses an ordinary slow cooker (or roaster, in our case) as the primary [...]

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  • Pork and apples in a cherry stout sauce

    Pork and apples in a cherry stout sauce

    November was a whirlwind month, with lots of work and travel. So with a few more minutes than usual tonight to make dinner, I had time to experiment. When I went grocery shopping on Tuesday morning (the best time to shop, if you ask me, because you have the store to yourself and can spend [...]

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  • One-recipe review: ‘Cooking Know-How’

    One-recipe review: ‘Cooking Know-How’

    In honor of Jessie’s birthday, I wanted to cook a grand meal tonight. I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to try a meal (and, hence, do a traditional one-recipe review) from Cooking Know-How by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough. We were fortunate enough to meet the authors and attend a cooking demo of [...]

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  • Pork with Riesling and shallots

    Pork with Riesling and shallots

    I’ve cooked a lot of pork in my day, and this might be my all-time favorite creation. This was an ad-libbed meal using what we had sitting around in the freezer and the fridge, and I can’t wait to try the sauce on other proteins (especially chicken). If you’ve ever made Bifteck Bercy (see “Mastering [...]

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