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  • Lettuce Eat

    Lettuce Eat

    Making Dutch Lettuce sounds quite simple, but it was delicious.

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  • WTF do you do with a Cornish game hen?

    WTF do you do with a Cornish game hen?

    Every time I walk down the frozen meats aisle in the grocery store I see this cute little vacuum-sealed Cornish game hens. They seem like they should be so simple to cook and prepare — after all, they’re so cute and tiny, and certainly a pre-plucked, pre-cleaned bird sealed in plastic should be as easy [...]

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  • Dinner for four

    Dinner for four

    We had some friends over for dinner last night, and everything was a smash success. Jessie started by serving a delicious blue cheese and bacon dip with crackers and toasted pieces of baguette. For the main course, we served one of the best recipes we’ve found on Epicurious so far, sauteed chicken breast with pear, bell pepper and cilantro [...]

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