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  • Mood Cooking – Hot Stir-fry

    Mood Cooking – Hot Stir-fry

    I came home from work the other night as, what some of my coworkers would say, an angry bird. For some unknown reason, I was in a bad mood and I decided to take my mood out on some stir-fry.

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  • Grown-up chicken fingers and hot sauce

    Grown-up chicken fingers and hot sauce

    I didn’t feel much like putting together a fancy meal for Sunday night. After all, we had spent most of the weekend in the kitchen doing various things, and I was anxious to just get off my feet. The start of this meal was my “hot sauce.” And, of course, the Panko-breaded chicken “fingers” were [...]

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  • Hawaiian Favorites – Ninniku-Ya

    Hawaiian Favorites – Ninniku-Ya

    We’ve been neglect on our blog, but for good reason. We went to Hawaii for 10 days and I started a new job. The trip to Hawaii was wonderful. Not only did we get to leave the “ish” of February, we were submersed in sunshine and palm trees for 10 days. The highlight for me on [...]

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  • Homemade pizza

    Homemade pizza

    Good pizza starts with the dough and I’ve been using a great pizza dough recipe that is ready in 30 minutes: Pizza Dough Recipe 1 ½ C. warm water (120-130 degrees Fahrenheit) 1 package dry Fast Rise yeast 1 T. honey 1 t. salt 3 T. olive oil 4 C. unbleached all purpose flour Combine [...]

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