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  • Hearty root vegetable soup

    Hearty root vegetable soup

    After several days of eating rich food and with cold weather here to stay, we wanted to have something healthy to eat so a hot bowl of hearty root vegetable soup sounded delicious. I’m slowly turning Bryan into a soup man and with great flavor, heat and texture, this soup was a winner in our [...]

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  • Split-pea soup, old-people style

    Split-pea soup, old-people style

    Jessie made some pretty tasty split-pea soup the other night when I was sick, so now that she has the same cold I had, I decided to try making split-pea soup for her. I’m not a soup person at all. I generally don’t get filled up by overly brothy minestrones and the like, and I’m [...]

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  • My take on our Top Chef tour

    My take on our Top Chef tour

    As Bryan mentioned in his post, Our tour of chefs who should have won Top Chef begins, we traveled to Atlanta last weekend to specifically visit Woodfire Grill, Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant (Top Chef finalist, season 6). As luck would have it, we were bumped up to an earlier Delta flight and landed in time to [...]

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