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  • HouseOFoodies Pantry Must-Haves

    HouseOFoodies Pantry Must-Haves

    Tonight Bryan made one of our stand-by pasta dishes since it was a long work week and we were hungry. He was able to do so because we tend to keep our pantry full of our favorite ingredients. I thought we should share some of our favorite pantry must-haves in case you’d like to add [...]

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  • Plank Grilling

    Plank Grilling

    Summer is finally here and the grill is open for business at HouseOFoodies. We’ve been experimenting with planks and have grilled a few tasty meals. It is important to soak the planks for the recommended time on the package. Otherwise, your planks will burn up instead of providing the hint of a smokey flavor. Bryan [...]

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  • McCormick French Grey Sea Salt

    McCormick French Grey Sea Salt

    McCormick sent me a sampler pack of some of their new spices at my day job, and this quickly became a favorite. The French Grey Sea Salt is — they say — “hand-harvested in Brittany, France using traditional Celtic methods.” It’s a great finishing salt. Sprinkle it over a dish right before serving and it [...]

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