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  • Steak sous vide with corn-jalapeno hash

    Steak sous vide with corn-jalapeno hash

    On night two of our great sous vide experiment, I decided to try using sous vide in a way that just about every contestant on Top Chef seemingly has used: steak sous vide. The benefit of sous vide cooking is since the meat comes up to temperature gradually, it maintains the same doneness throughout the [...]

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  • Our visit to Craftsteak Las Vegas

    Our visit to Craftsteak Las Vegas

    Bryan joined me last weekend in Las Vegas and we chose Craftsteak as our final evening meal (located in the MGM Grand). If you have read our posts before, you know we are huge, repeat HUGE, Top Chef fans and we had been thinking about this meal for weeks. After eating one of the best [...]

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  • Our Fondue Tradition Continues

    Our Fondue Tradition Continues

    A little over two years ago, we attended a fondue party at my grandparents’ home and rediscovered our love for fondue, and yes, my grandparents are great entertainers and excellent hosts. We both remember fonduing when we were younger, but there was something about the pace and process that appealed to us as adults. Fondue [...]

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