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  • Watermelon Spritzer

    Watermelon Spritzer

    When I think of summers growing up, I think of watching lightning bugs in spacious backyards, running through sprinklers and eating juicy watermelon. Of course, I was certain every seed I accidentally swallowed would end with me growing a watermelon in my belly. Now that I’m “old” I still love seeing lightning bugs and running [...]

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  • Fresh take on grilled corn: Tequila

    Fresh take on grilled corn: Tequila

    Jessie and I grill flank steak on a regular basis, and almost always grill sweet corn with it. Tonight, at Jessie’s prompting, I tried something a little different with the corn. First, here’s my typical procedure for grilling sweet corn: Peel back the husks, making sure to not remove them completely. Remove the silks (I [...]

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