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  • Recipe Review: Ham and Cheddar Sourdough Stuffing

    Recipe Review: Ham and Cheddar Sourdough Stuffing

    Our Thanksgiving tradition is to try out new recipes for the big meal. No, we don’t make them ahead of time, we just wing them and hope our luck in knowing what will taste good holds. Luckily, we’ve picked delicious recipes over the years and have quite a collection of well-loved November and December issues [...]

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  • Turkey Tortilla Soup

    Turkey Tortilla Soup

    Round two of inventing Thanksgiving leftovers and we’re only left with the turkey. It is still a bit blustery out and we’re fighting colds left and right, so a soup made perfect sense. In case you are new to our blog, Bryan isn’t a huge soup fan, although I think I’m converting him as I [...]

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  • Thanksgiving Leftovers Reinvented

    Thanksgiving Leftovers Reinvented

    Wondering what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers? How about making a turkey “shepherd’s” pie? Faced with Thanksgiving leftovers after warming up turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and dressing (post to come on the recipe we used soon) for the third time in 36 hours, I thought it would be good to reinvent our leftovers. [...]

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  • An old Bordeaux

    An old Bordeaux

    We’re not wine experts, though we enjoy learning about wine and trying new wine. Our experiment today (as part of Thanksgiving festivities) was to see if a 16-year-old Bordeaux is still palatable. The wine in question, a 1994 Les Fiefs de Lagrange, was purchased by my parents in Waterloo, Belgium, in 1997 or 1998. It [...]

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  • Tito’s + Zing Zang = Good.

    Tito’s + Zing Zang = Good.

    While in Iowa for Thanksgiving we happened across a great brand of vodka and a flavorful, spicy Bloody Mary mix. Tito’s Vodka is handmade in Austin, Texas, and distilled six times, according to the manufacturer. The taste is smooth, especially considering how inexpensive it is. We also found a Bloody Mary mix that was just [...]

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