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  • Flame-seared sous vide turkey legs with carrot-scallion sauce

    Flame-seared sous vide turkey legs with carrot-scallion sauce

    OK, so this isn’t exactly a dish you should try to bang out in an evening, although it also doesn’t involve slaving over a hot stove all day. That being said, there are a few moving parts. You could certainly bake the turkey legs if you don’t have sous vide equipment (check the instructions on [...]

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  • Spicy stuffed poblano peppers

    Spicy stuffed poblano peppers

    Stuffed peppers is one of our favorite meals and with the lake effect snow we had today, stuffed peppers with a kick hit the spot. I paired the stuffed poblano peppers with orzo cooked in chicken stock and corn. We had two large poblano peppers and two small poblano peppers, so the recipe below does [...]

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  • Turkey Tortilla Soup

    Turkey Tortilla Soup

    Round two of inventing Thanksgiving leftovers and we’re only left with the turkey. It is still a bit blustery out and we’re fighting colds left and right, so a soup made perfect sense. In case you are new to our blog, Bryan isn’t a huge soup fan, although I think I’m converting him as I [...]

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  • Thanksgiving Leftovers Reinvented

    Thanksgiving Leftovers Reinvented

    Wondering what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers? How about making a turkey “shepherd’s” pie? Faced with Thanksgiving leftovers after warming up turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and dressing (post to come on the recipe we used soon) for the third time in 36 hours, I thought it would be good to reinvent our leftovers. [...]

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