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  • Arizona wines pass the test

    Arizona wines pass the test

    Until Thursday, I had never had a sip of Arizona wine. I waited far too long. If you’ve seen the movie “Blood Into Wine,” you’re aware that there is a growing movement to establish Arizona as the next great American wine region. We’re in Phoenix for a few days, and decided to spend a day [...]

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  • An old Bordeaux

    An old Bordeaux

    We’re not wine experts, though we enjoy learning about wine and trying new wine. Our experiment today (as part of Thanksgiving festivities) was to see if a 16-year-old Bordeaux is still palatable. The wine in question, a 1994 Les Fiefs de Lagrange, was purchased by my parents in Waterloo, Belgium, in 1997 or 1998. It [...]

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  • Best bets in Napa and Sonoma

    Best bets in Napa and Sonoma

    As usual, I apologize for our severe lack of posting recently. I’ve been busy launching a new product, and Jessie has been tied up with loads of top-secret PR work. We did, however, find time to sneak out to Napa and Sonoma, Calif., a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a brief summary: Four giant thumbs [...]

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  • Our visit to Craftsteak Las Vegas

    Our visit to Craftsteak Las Vegas

    Bryan joined me last weekend in Las Vegas and we chose Craftsteak as our final evening meal (located in the MGM Grand). If you have read our posts before, you know we are huge, repeat HUGE, Top Chef fans and we had been thinking about this meal for weeks. After eating one of the best [...]

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  • Lemon-Garlic Chicken

    Lemon-Garlic Chicken

    We went out and did some shopping this afternoon, finishing our shopping day by visiting a new grocery store. In the meat section, they had some delicious and fresh-looking chicken quarters at a great price: $4.77 for 3 1/2 pounds (4 leg quarters). They also had some pretty fresh-looking lemons. As usual, I made this [...]

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  • Beef short-ribs with veg in red wine

    Beef short-ribs with veg in red wine

    Jessie gave me a beautiful big Le Creuset enamel pot for Christmas, so we decided to try it out on Christmas Day by making some beef short-ribs (since it was just the two of us). I used this recipe from Epicurious as a guideline, but kind of went my own way based on what we [...]

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  • My take on our Top Chef tour

    My take on our Top Chef tour

    As Bryan mentioned in his post, Our tour of chefs who should have won Top Chef begins, we traveled to Atlanta last weekend to specifically visit Woodfire Grill, Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant (Top Chef finalist, season 6). As luck would have it, we were bumped up to an earlier Delta flight and landed in time to [...]

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